How to Backup Cluster Quorum?

Backup Cluster Quorum is important and i will guide you how we can Backup Cluster Quorum? Lets see the steps

Cluster Quorum is important as its holds the configuration on the MS Cluster, it’s important we must back it up.

First Login to the Server where Cluster Quorum is online, there are ways you can verify that where the Cluster Quorum is online.

You can login to the Cluster Console from any of the Node which is members of that Cluster

By “Cluadmin .”

Backup Cluster Quorum

Cluster Console will open and we can go to Cluster Default Group which holds the Cluster Name, Cluster IP and Cluster Disk (Quorum)

Backup Cluster Quorum

In this above picture we can see that Disk Q which act as Quorum which owned by which Node

Now you may through a question to me, hey how we can say Q is the Quorum? Yes let me tell you how to identify that

Go to at top select the Cluster Name and right click on it and then select Properties

Cluster Properties will open and the select Quorum Tab

Backup Cluster Quorum

In the Quorum Tab we can identify that Disk Q is holding up the Cluster Quorum

Backup Cluster Quorum

Humm ok now we know that which Node owns the Quorum Volume and what is the drive letter of that volume.

Now login to that Box (Cluster Node)

Go to my computer and re confirm the volume Q is visible and now after that also verify it’s accessible or not and if it’s all fine, then we can move ahead with the Cluster Quorum Backup.

Go to run and type “ntbackup” and hit enter

Backup Cluster Quorum

Backup Utility will be loaded and now you can select the Advance Mode

Backup Cluster Quorum

Now select the Backup Tab

Backup Cluster Quorum

Backup Cluster Quorum

Now in the above image you can see I have selected the volume, which holds the quorum configurations and also we have seen in the above picture that Quorum configuration stores in MSCS folder by default

Note: it’s not recommended that we should not use the quorum disk for any other purpose, but in this we can see Netbackup cashe file is configured on this that is wrong configuration.

Now we will setup the location where we want to back it up

Backup Cluster Quorum

Select the Browse button and window will open to select the path and I have selected the path in Test Backup Folder and the file name as Test Backup.bkf (.bkf is the file extension for the NTBackup) and click save.

After that Click Start Backup

Then a page will open for Backup Job information window where we need select option for option Append or Replace, we will select Append and start backup

Backup Cluster Quorum

Backup in progress

Backup Cluster Quorum

Backup Done

Backup Cluster Quorum

Now also we can review the logs by clicking the Report Option


April 21, 2020

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