How to Configure Active Directory (Domain) in Windows Server 2003?

Active Directory: AD is a directory services which is created by Microsoft for Windows Domain Networks and this feature is included in the most of the Windows Flours. AD provide the centralized management of the objects which are members of the AD, we need to create a domain controller to hold the active directory role on server.

So today we will configure the AD on Windows Server 2000/ 2003

Here is a quick list of what you must have:

An NTFS partition with enough free space

An Administrator’s username and password

The correct operating system version


Properly configured TCP/IP (IP address, subnet mask and – optional – default gateway)

A network connection (to a hub or to another computer via a crossover cable)

An operational DNS server (which can be installed on the DC itself)

A Domain name that you want to use

The Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 CD media (or at least the i386 folder)

April 21, 2020

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